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Soulfully Us - Living alongside Cancer

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

My name is Christine Keep (Soulful C) and I live in the beautiful town of Collie in Western Australia. I am passionate about supporting people to lead their best life and I am a professional Counsellor & Holistic Therapist.

Why I started this blog Soulfully Us - Living alongside cancer

The reason I started this blog is to share my own journey and my life with a partner who has a cancer diagnosis. I hope to share my own vulnerability as I support my husband Rod through his cancer journey and provide anyone experiencing a similar journey with some tips and guidance on how to reduce the emotional overwhelm when you or your partner have been diagnosed with Cancer or a long-term illness.

My goal is to help you find some calm amongst the chaos that this difficult diagnosis brings, to look at ways you can support yourself through self-care and also find the confidence to live your life in the present, maintain connection with your partner and find ways of making a meaningful life whilst undergoing cancer treatment.

My beliefs

I have always been a spiritual person who believes in the Universe and that our soul exists forever and even when we leave this earthly plain there are ways to maintain connection to another. I am guided by my intuition and inner wisdom and believe that healing from trauma is not just in the mind but through the connection with the body. You will find me through the blog posts often referring to energy, mindfulness, meditation and breath-work and how releasing fearful or trapped energy helps with creating calm, reducing overwhelm and improving overall emotional well-being.

Soulfully Us - read further

In my next post I will share Rods diagnosis and how it all started for us and why I took a step back from my business to support him through his journey.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any stage or leave a comment and I wish you all much love.

Christine x


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