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Our Story


​2023 was going to be an exciting year for Rod and I.  My business was expanding, and I was excited about moving into a new building.  We had lots of small trips planned with our caravan, a new puppy Ben had just joined our family and we had a new car ordered, it was going to be an amazing year or so I thought. 


But all that changed in December 2022 when three days before Xmas my husband Rod was told he had a tumour on his heart.

It felt like our worlds had been tipped upside down........

​The moment I heard those words,  I felt like I couldn't breathe, everything was spinning around me, it was like I was watching and hearing everything in slow motion. I looked at Rod in shock, how could this amazing man have a tumour, I was in disbelief. 

​We still had to wait for further tests to see if it was malignant, but with all the Xmas closures it took three months to book the scans, biopsies and specialists' appointments.  Finally, we got the diagnosis that it was malignant, aggressive and extremely rare - Cardiac Angiosarcoma. 


Our world had stopped while we tried to make sense of this reality and what the future held.  I was questioning everything I believed in. 

For now, Rod and I are continuing on with being totally present and committed to overcoming this cancer diagnosis.  We enjoy getting out in nature and living amongst the trees in the beautiful town of Collie Western Australia with our dogs Bodhi & Benny. I spend my days writing which has always been a passion of mine and am allowing my soul to lead the way.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family and am a proud mother and grandmother, but most of all I’m a woman who is passionate about supporting others in similar circumstances and encouraging anyone to follow their dreams no matter what stage in life you may be at. 

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"Follow Your Soul It Knows The Way"

I started my counselling and holistic therapy career because I hold strong beliefs that we can overcome anything in life.  I have over the years experienced my own fair share of trauma from domestic violence, losing people I love under horrific circumstances, to recovering from cervical cancer and it has been my faith and inner wisdom that have helped me overcome these life events.

So, when I was faced with Rod's cancer diagnosis, I had to look even deeper into myself, my beliefs, and my fears. It felt like I had no control over anything, and it tested my spiritual beliefs to the core. Here I was facing my own shadow with nowhere to hide.


Rod and I are a pretty strong team but even as a counsellor, I struggled to come to terms with what this meant for us as a couple and for me individually.  I felt like here I am, a counsellor capable of supporting others and yet I struggled initially with how to support my own husband.  Armed with the knowledge that this was going to be a long and ongoing journey, I stepped back from my business to honour my own emotions, support Rod through his and live our lives completely in the moment.


Our Story

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