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Work With Me

I'm a qualified counsellor, coach, somatic trauma therapist, energy and sound healer, passionate about supporting you to make sense of your experience and the situation you now find yourself in without fear, guilt, shame or judgement.  I offer both in person and online services for women who have cancer, long term illness or trauma enter their lives, whether that be yourself or someone you love. 

As a deeply spiritual person and the partner of Rod who has been diagnosed with Cardiac Angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer, I believe in living fully in the present and not being locked into the fear of the future when a cancer diagnosis, illness or trauma becomes part of your journey. Positive mindset and looking at ways to create calm and breathing space are, in my opinion, fundamental to the healing process, giving you the confidence and clarity to move forward and cope with your current reality.

Whilst my services are designed to help support you in your personal experience, they are not a replacement for medical advice and medical treatment, and it is always recommended that you consult with a medically trained healthcare professional before making any health decisions.

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